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AppMetrics Evaluation Roadmap

Steps/Description Length Check
  1. Receive evaluation software and review all documents
    • Print out and review the Evaluation Guide and Installation Guide found in the Getting Started Resource Center (or on the product CD) and confirm with your Xtremesoft Sales Representative that all was correctly received.
1 hour
  1. Schedule a Product/Feature Walk-Thru.
    • This hosted interactive session will focus on demonstrating features specific to your organization's application management challenges.
2 hours
  1. Complete the on-line Site-Survey
    • This on-line site-survey provides us with the information needed to support you during your evaluation.
1 hour
  1. Customize your Test Plan
    • Select and download your custom evaluation test plan from the Getting Started Resource Center.
1 hour
  1. Evaluation and Test Plan recommendations received
    • Xtremesoft Support will review the completed site-survey and share recommendations and best practices based on your specific configuration.
1 hour
  1. Installation
    • Xtremesoft Technical Support will directly assist you in the installation process and with the configuration of your monitors through an interactive installation.
1 hour
  1. Begin your evaluation
    • Confirm start date with Xtremesoft technical support.
  1. Execute customized Test Plans
    • Execute your customized test plans against your own data and see how AppMetrics provides the operational intelligence you need to proactively manage your applications.
4-8 hours
  1. Mid-evaluation check point
    • Xtremesoft will schedule a mid-evaluation milestone discussion to explore your evaluation progress and to ensure that the evaluation is on track.
1 hour
  1. Ongoing contacts
    • Xtremesoft will periodically check-in with you to ensure the evaluation is proceeding successfully.
  1. Finish test plans and complete tech evaluation
    • You have successfully completed your testing, and you are now ready to make a technical recommendation to purchase.
  1. Complete all steps for acquisition
    • Complete your organization's procurement process with the assistance of your Xtremesoft sales representative.
2 hours

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