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AppMetrics monitors the health, and diagnoses problems with applications on Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

The product enables developers, system administrators, and capacity planners to ensure a higher level of service, resolve 'finger-pointing' issues, diagnose problems, introduce proactive management, anticipate system capacity over time and generally increase the performance and availability of their mission-critical, Microsoft-based applications.

The product focuses on business transactions implemented with registered .NET Serviced Components and COM+ Components. The metrics cover packages, applications, components, and their methods.

Feature sets included:

  • Diagnostics / Problem Identification: Cut through the finger pointing! With AppMetrics, you can identify the specific software module that's decreasing your application's performance, enabling you to pinpoint problem components that you'll need to debug.
    AppMetrics Reports

  • Production Reporting: Use AppMetrics for Transactions to demonstrate that you're providing the levels of service to which you have committed. Use AppMetrics Application Monitor templates to pre-define the set of metrics and information you require, and then use the data to assess the Quality of Service levels for your mission-critical applications.
    [Screen Shot]

  • An Early Warning System: Be the first to know when key transactions are taking longer than expected. AppMetrics for Transactions measures, displays, and records the health of your COM+-built applications as they run. If an application fails to meet its expected level of activity, you are notified via email, SNMP and the Windows Event Log.
    [Screen Shot]

Needs the product satisfies:


  • Do applications crash?

  • Do Components hang?

  • Are Application response times slower than we expect?

  • Are we losing transactions?

We need

  • Alerts about potential issues before customers and partners are aware of them

  • More fundamental control over COM+ applications

  • Ongoing reports about COM+ application performance

  • Capacity planning data to justify infrastructure improvements

  • To document that service level agreements are being met.

  • You could use diagnostic assistance with COM+ bottlenecks and problems

Customers tell us that:

"You guys are awesome! In less than 5 minutes, these drilldown reports traced the exact component and method that were giving me trouble - we saved weeks."

"Each operation originally was taking 5,420,3 ms. After we adjusted the code (following the tips from AppMetrics and DevPartner); each operation took 781,5 ms. It's an amazing result - the original code was about 700% slower compared to the final one!"

A free product trial can be requested at: http://www.xtremesoft.com/trial.asp

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we specialize in providing diagnostic & performance analysis for applications deployed in COM+ and .Net serviced component (Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008) environments.

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