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Getting Started Resource Center

Welcome to the Getting Started Resource Center:

This Center provides you with a product Installation Guide, plus additional information for improving your use and testing of AppMetrics. We have put a lot of material, all together in this one 'virtual' place - so you have a 'one stop' resource.

An AppMetrics Systems Engineer can walk you through the installation of the product, if you wish. Just email our technical support staff to set a date and time.

We are confident that AppMetrics will generate a significant ROI for your organization.

This presentation shows you how AppMetrics can benefit your organization.
This document includes installation recommendations, hardware and software requirements and step by step installation directions and supporting screen shots.
Here you will be able to obtain the documentation for the product.
This page provides a checklist which guides a user through the AppMetrics evaluation process.
This is a questionnaire. It helps our technical support consultants understand your environment, in case of technical issues.
Here you will find answers to questions that are frequently asked by customers who are installing AppMetrics for Transactions.
We have developed a number of test modules which address the major issues our Customers are focused on. Each test plan explains how AppMetrics can solve these issues. We provide a step by step guide for you to test the solution against your own data.
This checklist provides guidance on the features and functions of AppMetrics.
These Quick Reference Cards summarize who we are and what our products do.
This is a survey that we ask you to fill out at the end of your Evaluation period. It provides important feedback for our Product Managers.
From time to time there's a need for custom SQL scripts to display diagnostic queries of collected AppMetrics data. Here you'll find some scripts that might prove useful for your situation.

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