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Recessionary times call for a new look at existing Applications

With fewer resources (budget cutbacks & layoffs) organizations are being forced to look at ways to get the most out of their existing applications. Those legacy Com+ applications have to be better understood, managed and monitored if they are going to fit the bill.

What can be done?

  • Understand the application. The original developers are probably long gone and the 'hope' of the new development was that you could solve the application's issues by rewriting it - now that project is on the back-burner and you need an inexpensive tool to help you see what the existing application is doing.

  • Manage the application. Seeing this data will highlight issues which will need some correction. The beauty of Com+ is that oftentimes, code bottlenecks in one spot generate huge delays later on - so correcting the issues results in much happier users. For reasons we don't fully understand, a 7x performance improvement is an enduring refrain from AppMetrics users.

  • Continuously monitor the application. Users are grateful for any improvement in performance and reliability. The two are often linked and cannot be allowed to deteriorate over time. Regular monitoring is required.

Only AppMetrics delivers all this in one product. Easy to install data flows with no code changes. Not magic, just years of work on our side.

Check out the AppMetrics Reports and see how they can help you!

What our Users have achieved:

"We accomplished a BIG performance gain - the final code runs 7 times faster (about 14%) than the original one."

"Each operation originally was taking 5,420,3 ms. After we adjusted the code (following the tips from AppMetrics and DevPartner); each operation took 781,5 ms. It's an amazing result - the original code was about 700% slower compared to the final one!"

"You guys are awesome! In less than 5 minutes, these drilldown reports traced the exact component and method that were giving me trouble - we saved weeks."

More comments from our users at: http://www.xtremesoft.com/news/customer_comments.htm

We believe that AppMetrics can deliver a minimum of three more years of quality performance and life to your Com+ applications.

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