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Xtremesoft Announces AppMetrics® for BizTalk Server 2.0

Managing the Real-world of Microsoft's BizTalk Server 2002 Applications

Woburn, Massachusetts: October 16, 2002 - Xtremesoft, Inc, a leading supplier of application management solutions, today announced the latest AppMetrics for BizTalk Server product, version 2.0. This release, combined with the latest release of AppMetrics for Transactions 2.5, forms the foundation of the latest thinking and innovation in managing and monitoring transactional applications, built on the Microsoft platform.

AppMetrics for BizTalk Server streamlines many of the day-to-day management activities associated with deployed BizTalk Server 2000/2002 applications, and ensures business interruptions are less frequent and more quickly resolved.

The product's new Suspended Document Manager graphically represents the status of the BizTalk Server Suspended Queue, and enables operations staff to quickly identify which trading partners are most affected by document problems, which document types are failing in the system, what reasons for document suspensions are most common, and to take corrective action. Automation features resolve many suspended documents without operator intervention.

The Business Process Manager tracks individual documents and their associated workflows (XLANG Schedules). Operations staff can track the status and progress of long-running business processes, and take appropriate corrective action.

The product logs and displays historical application performance Metrics, reporting on a wide range of BizTalk Messaging and Orchestration activities. Highly aggregated charts provide a snapshot of overall application health, while detailed charts identify performance bottlenecks down to the orchestration schedule type, on a per server basis. Root cause analysis as well as hardware right-sizing chores are both made much easier.

AppMetrics for BizTalk Server also provides a robust early warning system, enabling rapid problem detection and correction. Alerts can generate e-mail and pager messages, and can also trigger corrective automation processes.

"We listened long and hard to what managers of BizTalk applications were saying, and at the same time made sure we weren't duplicating any of the BizTalk Server capabilities that Microsoft Operations Manager addresses so effectively. This release solidifies Xtremesoft as the leader in the field and provides the foundation we need to address the web services opportunity, which we see gaining momentum," said Michael Dexter-Smith, President and CEO of Xtremesoft.

More information concerning this release can be found in the Product Tour*.

About Xtremesoft
Xtremesoft leverages its in-depth knowledge of Microsoft's application deployment platforms to deliver data center management products and services focused on the needs of today's enterprises. Increased business performance, application resilience, and overall availability mean higher return on investment from custom business applications. Absolutely zero source code modification eliminates all the costs associated with creating and maintaining inline instrumentation of applications.For further information contact Xtremesoft at 781.937.3800 or visit our website at www.xtremesoft.com.


For more information, press and analysts only:
Michael Dexter-Smith, CEO
Xtremesoft, Inc.
+1 (781) 759-1220

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