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Xtremesoft Announces Monitoring Solution For Application Center 2000

Woburn, Massachusetts: March 14, 2001 - Xtremesoft, Inc. today announced a solution that extends the monitoring capabilities of Application Center 2000, Microsoft Corp.’s high-availability deployment and management solution for Web applications built on Windows 2000. With Xtremesoft AppMetrics® for Transactions, users gain a comprehensive monitoring solution for COM+ based applications. The Xtremesoft product provides Application Center 2000 users with the ability to measure transaction health and performance across mission-critical applications and measures the effectiveness of Component Load Balancing (CLB). Xtremesoft AppMetrics for Transactions is designed for business applications requiring in-depth analysis, and reporting and alerting about the health and performance of business transactions.

AppMetrics for Transactions measures, displays, and records the health of COM+ transactions as they take place, thereby providing an early warning system of potential problems. If a transaction or corresponding component exceeds its expected level of activity, notification is sent to those specified via email, SNMP and the Windows Event Log. Production reporting features include templates to pre-define the set of metrics and information required, to enable the assessment of Quality of Service levels for mission-critical applications. The product enhances an operation’s ability to pinpoint problem components or software modules. It can be integrated into existing or planned system management packages for broader, more extensive monitoring capabilities.

“ Microsoft Application Center 2000 simplifies the management of large multi-tier, Web-based applications,” said Xtremesoft President Steve Weiss. “ Xtremesoft AppMetrics for Transactions provides the ability to collect information and create detailed reports and analyses on the COM+ components that implement the business transaction layer of the application. For businesses that require in-depth analysis, and reporting and alerting about the health and performance of business transactions, AppMetrics for Transactions is a must-have product.”

About Microsoft Application Center 2000
Microsoft’s tool for managing Web applications built on Windows 2000, Application Center 2000 enables virtually 100 percent uptime of mission-critical applications while reducing the ongoing operational cost and complexity associated with software scaling. Software scaling is the process of achieving high-end scalability through Web clusters (a k a Web farms) and software, rather than bulky, expensive “ big iron ” servers. Customers get improved application availability by distributing requests over an array of servers, thus removing single points of failure.

About Xtremesoft
Xtremesoft, a supplier of application monitoring solutions for Microsoft Transaction Services and COM+ applications, combines leading-edge software with on-site expertise to provide enterprises with the intelligent infrastructure management capabilities that enable IT organizations to achieve operational excellence and to fulfill Service Value agreements. Xtremesoft solutions translate business logic performance data into business performance information. Its flagship product, AppMetrics® for Transactions, provides the foundation for enhanced scalability, reliability and performance in today's distributed computing environments.


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