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Customer Success Story - Insurance Industry

A major insurance company used Xtremesoft AppMetrics® for Transactions to manage its Internet-based transactions and to maximize the use of its computing resources. The application was designed to service the diverse transaction needs of clients, agents, other insurance agencies, and regulatory agencies, as well as internal needs. All required, accurate up-to-date information, available for immediate action. Customer confidence, and hence loyalty, was of paramount importance, and the successful and rapid completion of each and every client transaction, essential. AppMetrics for Transactions provided the metrics to let the insurance company understand the flows, the bottlenecks, resource unavailability and essential information about ‘resources being consumed’.

The applications were written with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) to meet the diverse requirements of over 20,000 users. Monitoring resource consumption was critical from the beginning, especially within its NT Web environment, where multiple sites and applications ran on the same server farm.

AppMetrics for Transactions tracks and identifies resource requirements and reasons for failure.By tracking resource consumption on the MTS package, potential problems can be identified and resolved before an outage occurs. If an application exceeds its expected level of activity, notification can be sent through email, SNMP or as a ‘Windows Event’.

AppMetrics for Transactions collects historical data to enable load balancing, thereby maximizing on existing resources while forecasting growth requirements. The reports generated enable the Company to track resource consumption by business unit, which helps document trends and plan a more effective, more efficient application.

Business Benefits

  • Potential problems are averted: AppMetrics for Transactions's early warning system alerts personnel so that problems are resolved before they impact business-critical transactions.
  • Overall system health is maintained: AppMetrics for Transactions monitors usage within the NT Web environment, which aids with system load balancing on existing resources while forecasting future growth requirements.
  • Forecasting business requirements: AppMetrics for Transactions collects statistics on resource consumption by business unit, documenting trends and providing strategic indicators for future business requirements.

Return on Investment

Availability of the application has been increased by a few percentage points, as result of using the AppMetrics for Transactions product. However, for every one hundred users of an application, in a normal company, one point of additional availability can mean ten of thousands of man-hours of saved down-time, resulting in millions of dollars in improved efficiency throughout the organization.

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