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Customer Success Story - Financial Services Industry

The Internet has revolutionized the world, and particularly the delivery of financial services. One financial institution used Xtremesoft AppMetrics® for Transactions to enhance reliability and availability, critical issues from the outset of development, for a new MTS-based stock transaction, an e-Business application, that supports the retail brokerage operation for thousands of brokers, worldwide with a system that manages all of its stock transactions.

When a retail broker buys or sells a security for a particular client, the application initiates a series of transactions: First, it validates that the client and broker are authorized to buy or sell a specific number of shares in a particular security. Next, the order is sent to the floor of the NYSE or onto the NASDAQ system for execution. Finally, it updates the client's account and supplies confirmation information back to the broker's desktop on the status of the trade.

Any processing delay or system outage could substantially affect the execution price. Continuous availability, transaction speed and throughput were critical to the success of the application and the customer's business. This mission-critical application was built on Windows NT using MTS, because the platform offered the transactional integrity and scalability required.

AppMetrics for Transactions provides in-depth, focused information that helps ensure the health, availability and performance of this company's mission-critical MTS-based stock transaction management application. AppMetrics for Transactions enables the customer to monitor and measure all aspects of the application's performance. Events and views are consolidated or expanded, as required, across platforms and management environments. Transactions are routinely tracked, and if a problem occurs, the product provides in-depth, focused views that drill down to the component and method level, as needed. If a transaction fails, AppMetrics for Transactions sends out an alert and the problem can be resolved before the customer is aware of it!

Business Benefits

  • Consistent performance means reliability: AppMetrics for Transactions helps ensure transactional integrity. Alerts are sent out if transactions do not complete or are delayed.
  • Ongoing reports ensure service levels: AppMetrics for Transactions can generate ongoing reports to ensure service levels, while providing the ability to obtain the level of detail required - down to method and component level.
  • Documenting today's usage means more precision in meeting future needs: AppMetrics for Transactions reports demonstrate current and ongoing application resource usage, which forms the basis for documenting future requirements.

Return on Investment

The customer looks to return 10:1 on its application purchases over three years. This customer is seeing well in excess of this value.

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