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Customer Success Story - Business Services

Many companies today find it more cost-effective to purchase application packages than to develop them in-house. One leading Business Service provider has developed a package that handles all processing for car dealerships, from sales management to lead tracking, inventory control, parts management and financing. This package had been developed with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) software, and since it had been acquired from another company, came without source code.

Only AppMetrics® for Transactions, by Xtremesoft could test for problems and bottlenecks and thereby maximize performance.

Testing applications: searching for a needle in a haystack
State-of-the-art applications demand maximized performance from the underlying transaction software. The MTS-developed application had some performance issues and the company had no way to identify the problem. AppMetrics for Transactions enabled the company to pinpoint the problem modules, without access to the source code and to remedy the issues quickly.

Microsoft relationship
Working closely with Microsoft, Xtremesoft developed its AppMetrics for Transactions to monitor the health of MTS and COM+ based applications. The product is designed to be used during either the development or the production phase. This Company resolved the application issues during testing in the development phase.

Simple to use, minimum impact on system resources
AppMetrics for Transactions is easy to use. Users report that they simply turn it on and let it run. Reports summarize the results in terms that enable them to efficiently locate, and then fix the problem. And unlike other solutions, it doesn't have a huge impact on system resources.

Business Benefits

  • Diagnoses problems without access to source code.
  • Provides performance information, drilling down to method or component level, as needed.
  • Minimal impact on system resources.

Return on Investment

When your customer satisfaction depends on the delivery of high performance, high reliability business systems, then any technology that can deliver even a slight performance enhancement over your competitors is going to deliver a major ROI over the short and long term. If this customer could see a 5% throughput improvement for each transaction, that makes their application 2% more efficient then their competitor, then the return to the Company on the purchase of AppMetrics for Transactions is infinite.

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