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Melbourne, Australia  

Using the Microsoft® COM+ environment, INVESCO Australia has constructed numerous custom applications for internal use by various business units. The platform, which includes Xtremesoft's AppMetrics® monitoring technology, allows INVESCO Australia to ensure that maximum availability of its applications is achieved.

Solution Overview


INVESCO Australia is one of Australia's leading investment managers. INVESCO Australia is an innovative and inspired company that delivers flexible investment solutions to help achieve financial security and wealth objectives.

Business Need

Consolidate SQL Server based connectivity to one common platform ensuring high availability and security of Corporate Data for end-users.


The Xtremesoft AppMetricsŪ technology gives INVESCO Australia a flexible platform for cross-enterprise application monitoring.

Technologies, Products Used

Microsoft Windows® 2000 Servier
Microsoft COM+
Xtremesoft AppMetrics

Company Overview
INVESCO Australia ranks as one of Australia's leading investment management companies with a significant presence in both the institutional and retail market segments. INVESCO Australia manages investment solutions across a broad range of Australian and overseas investment markets. These include Australian and international equities and fixed interest, listed property, and liquid assets. INVESCO Australia enables clients to access these markets through a range of specialist funds, which invest in individual sectors, and a range of diversified funds, which invest across all or a number of sectors.

The previous architecture was found lacking in its ability to adjust to today's dynamic business environment. The solution was for INVESCO Australia to migrate to a COM+ n-tier based architecture for internal development. In 2002, INVESCO Australia completed the implementation of the new architecture.

The COM+ based architecture enables INVESCO Australia to utilise inherent benefits to solve issues including SQL Server based connectivity and security. Further, it complements the concept of BIL (INVESCO Australia Business Interface Layer), which is used by the business as a tool for adhoc-based connectivity to the Corporate Data Warehouse.

Having implemented the COM+ infrastructure, INVESCO Australia needed a way to monitor its performance and availability to ensure maximum benefit. Following a review of products on the market, INVESCO Australia selected AppMetricsŪ as the most suitable product that met the list of requirements.

AppMetrics software allows INVESCO Australia to:

  • Monitor COM+ applications in real time.
  • Gather Statistics on each COM+ component down to a method call level.
  • Report on component duration and usage.
  • Dynamically alter component duration thresholds based on gathered statistics, using the AppMetrics COM interface.
  • Automate E-mail Notifications to appropriate recipients as issues arise.

Using the new COM+ based architecture has improved productivity and quality by enabling applications to be developed and deployed in a manner that enables INVESCO Australia to support its evolving business needs.

Some of the major benefits with AppMetrics usage include:

  • An easy to use interface for developers without the need for training.
  • Templates provided simplify application monitoring in both diagnostic and production modes.
  • Minimal performance degradation when monitors are running.
  • ‘Set and forget’ monitoring of components with E-mail notification of issues.

The performance and flexibility of the Microsoft's COM+ framework together with Xtremesoft's AppMetrics application monitoring tool provides INVESCO Australia the tools required to build quality enterprise applications.

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